WaterPlantStreet is...

...a authorized Chihiros Aquatic Studio agent. 
…an excellent aquatic product provider. 
…a wholesaler for worldwide. 
…going to be a world class online store. 

WaterPlantStreet in Hong Kong

WaterPlantStreet has grown to become international premium product provider & collecting all excellent choice, even if aquatic products, to share for the worldwide in Hong Kong. WaterPlantStreet focus on aquatic glass lily pipes, algae sterilizer controller, stainelss steel filter, LED light system, DIY accessories, any glasswares... etc.

Now, even for aquatic products, WaterPlantStreet also a professional international logistics service provider. Issue a great logistics solution for worldwide customers. 

WaterPlantStreet will keep collect the high quality products for the worldwide. Let customer to get their lovely products easily.

WaterPlantStreet are going to add more different categories.