Chihiros Doctor 2 SHRIMP Algae Sterilizer Controller

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Chihiros Doctor 2 Shrimp Model45CM×30CM×30CM(Under 60L)

CHIHIROS DOCTOR 2 SHRIMP is specialized for kill pathogenic bacteria in shrimp product designed for the purpose of 60L-120L tank. Please use the product with appropriate capacity and purpose.


Of crustacean pathogens have optimal function
Through direct and indirect means automatic reduction within the water to kill pathogens, so the security crystal shrimp, especially juveniles greatly improved survival.

Free Cleaning
Chihiros Doctor 2 perfect solution to the situation where because of water quality problems, mesh fouling, permanent no-clean are the main features of the new generation of Chihiros Doctor, more complete intelligence program better protection force in the anti-crystal rainbow and fish, effective control of algae break out.

Rapid establishment of nitrification
A lot mist ions can kill algae spores while releasing oxygen, provided sufficient dissolved oxygen to aerobic bacteria and organisms, can quickly build nitrification system was built at the beginning of the cylinder, speeding up the aquarium stable environment, so aquarium tank water is clear.


Suppliers can trace element composition lying charge
By changing the water molecules form and break down the water molecules in the process, will release a variety of minerals and trace elements can be absorbed by the organism to meet the needs of biological growth. Biological reduction due to micronutrient deficiencies caused by low hemoglobin little anemia, poor growth, enhance immunity, metabolism creatures fish and shrimp, shrimp hemocyanin promote the generation, prevention element formed due to lack of skeletal deformities.

Set algorithm according to the aquarium environment automation
According to the aquarium early, mid and late different ecological environment, according to different stages using different sterilization strength and operational cycle. Optimal control algorithm greatly facilitates the use of consumers.

Chihiros Doctor 2 Shrimp is within the capacity of 120L fish tank to kill pathogenic bacteria shrimp products designed for the purpose.

Please use the product with appropriate capacity and purpose.

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