Chihiros Doctor 2 SUPER Algae Sterilizer Controller


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Chihiros Doctor 2 Plants Model150CM×45CM×45CM(250L-300L)

CHIHIROS DOCTOR 2 SUPER is specialized for inhibiting algae of 250L-600L tank. Please use the product with appropriate capacity and purpose.


Product Description

Inhibition of algae and aquatic plants growing strong effect
Boycott early plant plankton reproduction and growth, release spray of ions quickly spread to kill any body of water free of algae spores, efficiency of up to 95%, so as inhibit algae occurs.

Supplementary mineral trace element
Speed up water plant growth and metabolism, stimulating growth of enzyme synthesis activated mineral trace elements in water so as to complement the plants fast-growing needs of various minerals, trace elements, promote the growth of aquatic weeds can be activated on the photosynthesis and thus stable Aquarium environment.

Rapid establishment of the digestive system
Lots of mist ion can kill algae spores at the same time, release oxygen for aerobic bacteria and organisms offers plenty of dissolved oxygen, can contribute to building early cylinder to help quickly set up the digestive system, speed up stable Aquarium environment, rapid is the aquarium water is clear.

According to the Aquarium environment automation set algorithm
According to the Aquarium's initial, mid-term and end of different ecological environment with different strength and of different phases of the sterilization cycle. Optimal control algorithms which greatly facilitates the use of consumers.

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    Algae free tank

    It is not easy to justify if the tank has achieved its equilibrium to eliminate algae bloom but using this from Day One has given me zero algae problem for all my tanks.

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