Chihiros Doctor MINI S Algae Sterilizer Controller

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CHIHIROS DOCTOR MINI S is specialized for kill pathogenic bacteria in fish product designed of under 120L tank. (Fish: prevention of fish disease)


Micronutrient Supplementation

Kill Pathoges  

On the back of strong sterilization capabilities effectively kill pathogens

Every hour automatically through direct and indirect means to kill pathogens in the water, reducing the fish diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, and can effectively reduce the fish skin and mucous membrane infection and gastro-intestinal diseases. Aeromonas hydrophila Aeromonas "Aeromons hydrophila", herpes, fungal, coliforms and other 99.9% kill efficiency results test.


Reduce harmful substances in water

Rapid decomposition of high concentration of chlorine in tap water, so that the fish will not be affected by chlorine, hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, chloride Burns, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite-Asian waters quickly settling and decomposition of harmful substances, greatly improving the survival rate of juveniles, changing water cycle reduction and effective control of concentrations of harmful substances in the water.

Micronutrient supplementation

By changing the water molecules form and the decomposition of water molecules in the process of releases may be biological uptake of minerals and trace elements to meet growth requirements. Reduce biological trace element deficiency caused by the small red blood cell anemia low hemoglobin, poor growth, strengthen fish immune system, metabolic capacity.


According to the Aquarium environment automation set algorithm

According to the Aquarium's initial, mid-term and end of different ecological environment with different strength and of different phases of the sterilization cycle. Optimal control algorithms which greatly facilitates the use of consumers.


CHIHIROS DOCTOR MINI S is specialized for kill pathogenic bacteria in fish product designed of under 120L tank. Please use the product with appropriate capacity and purpose.


Mode Tank
M1 30CM×30CM×30CM(Under 60L)
M2 60CM×30CM×36CM(60L-90L)
M3 60CM×45CM×45CM(90L-120L)


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